Market Research

Let's wonder. . .

Is it possible to look inside a woman's head ( or a man's, if you prefer so ) and observe how does she ( or he ) come to a purchase decision? Who or what really motivates her (him)? Money? Power? Sex? Or her ( his ) nagging nine-year-old son ( daughter? ...Hail to gender equality ! )

Direct Marketing
Technology Application

Let's fantasize. . .
About tracking down every movement of your competition. Ask yourself, "Can my business own a spying service?"
Well, the answer is, YES ! Though within some legal limits.

Here's the good news.

With advanced statistical techniques and business intelligence software like SPSS & SAS, you won't really understand the difference.

Let's have some examples.
Recognizing and extrapolating patterns will answer :
1. How big is the market?
2. How powerful is your competition?
3. Are your customers genuinely happy or you've got plain lucky by being in a temporary sellers' market?

Studying the concept of incentives will let you know for sure :
1. There ain't something wrong in pricing.
2. Your sales team is really involved.
3. The central message of the yearly campaign doesn't stink.

A fair warning.
Researches that are technically robust and conducted sincerely do not necessarily end in 'right' answers. Sometime they just make us have another look at the underlying assumptions. But don't take hurt. There is a high chance that someone will be called a pathbreaker someday !