Remember the equation ?
Profit is equal to Revenue minus Cost. We solve its most difficult part.
We bring in Revenue.
Accepted, your sales and marketing guys are incredibly good. But to entice a consumer population of 3 million at one go requires a special kind of talent. More

Market Research

Let's wonder. . .
Is it possible to look inside a
woman's head (or a man's, if you prefer so) and observe how does she (or he) come to a purchase decision? Who or what really motivates her (him)? Money? Power? Sex? Or her (his) nagging nine-year-old son (daughter? ...Hail to gender equality!). More
Direct Marketing

Ogilvy loved direct marketing.
We love it too. Guess why? Segmentation is all very good and segmentation makes targeting easy; but every human being is, in someway, different. In someway, unique. Super size burgers and mint-flavoured condoms are not for all. More

Technology Applications

Technology is supposed to make you lazy.
It should save you from day to day hardship at the shop floor, in the assembly line, behind the cash register and allow you more time for, say, blue sky visioning. But why will you come to us for an application? More