My Complicated Morning Cuppa
  Debaditya Acharyya
Software Specialist-Testing
SAS Institute Inc.

The most important thing, when I wake up, is my morning cuppa. Frankly speaking, I am a great tea lover. It gives me the "kick" and carries me through the rest of my day. In all these years I have observed an interesting thing: No matter what the size of the cup is, the cup should always be full else my satisfaction level goes down. This makes me pause and rethink a bit. What am I up to? Once I tried to have the same quantity in a bigger mug and I was not satisfied. I tried to draw an analogy with a real life problem.

I am working in a Software R&D lab and the boiling issue one faces here is "Attrition". Talk about it and everyone becomes very vocal about it and everyone has his own idea to control it. Now why do people leave? Believe me there are plenty of cases when an employee is not able to convince why he did leave the earlier organization.

My experience with the morning cuppa leads me to pose an interesting problem : Can we control the aspiration level of a person? Everyone talks about changing the environment to meet the ever increasing aspiration level of a person. But can we control the environment in a certain manner so that the members of that environment will not aspire that much and hence, they would be satisfied easily?

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